Cross the River by Feeling the Stones:
The Export of U.S. Performing Arts to the Market in China

Master's Thesis, Columbia University, 2010


For U.S. performing arts practitioners, the desire to tour performances in China is increasing, but hindered by the lack of the target market’s transparency, cultural context, policies, and business structures. In order to meet the research needs of the field and recommend applied tools for future touring, this essay examines the market size, structure, and key components, including venues, audiences, performances, and arts groups, current touring procedures, and associated policies. Detailed analyses of American modern dance and Broadway musicals are provided to exemplify both nonprofit touring and commercial touring models.


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The Hundred Flowers’ Long March East:
Achievements and Challenges of U.S. Dance Tours in China

Dance/USA e-Journal, December 2011 (updated), Dance/USA Journal, Spring 2010


"While 2009 marked the 30th anniversary of Sino-U.S. diplomacy, dance exchanges between China and the U.S. continue to be a renewable theme. For both countries, cross-cultural dialogues in the arts offer significant potential for strengthening ties between people. Although in recent years, more U.S. dance companies have appeared onstage in China, due to many circumstances, the road to China is indeed long and full of obstacles..." 


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Inspiration beyond Dragons and Kung Fu—Chinese Dance for Western Choreography

Dancer Magazine, December 2007

"Choreographers are constantly searcing for new inspiration. Today, "being culturally interesting" has the potential to make contemporary western choreography unique. Some choreographers have successfully integrated African, Indian, Spanish or Mid-Eastern dance movements into their work. Although Chinese dance is not widely recognized by the western dance community, its many uses and forms may be inspirational for contemporary choreographers..." 


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A Phoenix Story—an American Rose in China

Dancer Magazine, November 2006

"Among many universal legends, the one about the phoenix bird is probably one of the most mysterious--it symbolizes power, sacrifice, resurrection; it dies for a nobler life. I have heard many phoenix stories. But Aly Rose, an American woman, a dancer, and a choreographer who has lived and worked in China during the past ten years told me a unique one when I interviewed her there in Summer 2006..."


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Coastide Magazine, May 2008

“出生在美國波士頓的羅紅玫(Aly Rose),懷著對舞蹈藝朮孜孜不倦的追求,從美國到中國,從貴州到北京,從參加少數民族的舞蹈節到求學北京舞蹈學院的編導系……她希望通過舞蹈表現人們的生活和思想,希望用發自內心的藝朮創作“鳳凰”,把自己的一些感悟用演員們或緊張或舒展的舞蹈釋放出來。夢想之幕在緩緩拉開……”

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