Newspaper & Magazines: 


“Ling Tang’s solo ‘Everlasting Fire,’ based on a work by a Mongolian choreographer, was fetching with its billowing red fabric.”

-- The Washington Post


“Two female solos were ardent. Tang’s ‘Everlasting Fire’ created an image of a Mongolian jumping horse or wavering flame symbolizing bravery and vitality as she rapidly maneuvered her full red dress.”

-- Dancer Magazine


"One of the ten best things to do this weekend for NYC kids.”          

-- Time Out New York


"A New York City–based teacher/consultant from Wuhan, China, Ling Tang offers programs that prepare U.S. K–12 students to study in China or merely to experience its culture."

--Dance Teacher Magazine


“In these days, Ling Tang’s dance performance has become a new attraction to the local community, receiving high acclaims. Her superb dance skills were widely recognized by both Chinese and American audiences…”

-- Sing Tao Daily


“Her dance skills have achieved a high professional level.”                        

   -- World Journal


“Ling Tang has years of performing and teaching experiences in Washington DC area, whose festive choreography ‘Dance of the Golden Snake’ gained favor of the Inaugural Parade Committee."        

-- World Journal


Television and Video News: 


CNN "The 57th Presidential Inaugural Parade"


CBS New York “Lunar New Year—Year of the Rabbit News Special"

SinoVision “Exclusive Interview with Ling Tang—Chinese Dance Performer and Choreographer at the Presidential Inaugural Parade"


Young Audiences New York"Why All Children Need The Chance to Create"

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